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Greeting Words

Anam’s true value is the long-time trust of our customers
and pioneering spirit of a new business.

Based on the Anam Industry, established in 1953, Anam Business Group first launched the semi-conductor and
color TV business. We have served as a leader to build world wide fame and competitiveness of today’s Korean electronic industry.

Current development and manufacturing abilities of Anam Group have been acknowledged by world-famous audio companies.
It is not restricted in the traditional AV area, but in wireless speaker and AI speaker areas. By presenting excellent and competitive
technology and quality, we have been enhancing our position as a global company in the multimedia industry.

For this, all executives and employees of Anam Group make great impressions on our customers as the most valuable to lead
consistent innovation. We also try our best to be a superior company by actively discovering and nourishing our new growth power.

Through the group homepage, I would like you to experience the past, present, and future of
Anam Group. I hope you would find the true value of Anam Group.