• Founder Introduction

Founder Introduction

Eternal Business Philosophy. “Faith” and “Human Dignity” Management

Woo-gok Hyang Soo Kim, the honorary president, regarded faith as life of
business management in his entire life, and he constantly practiced his word by himself.

Especially in the beginning of the business, although the entire semi-conductor
production line located in Sungsoo-dong, Seoul was flooded in 1972, all employees
put together and meet the supply deadline by drying production machine with
hair dryer. That event remained one of legends in Korean business history.
Also, under the belief that the honorary president did not regard job as a
simple workplace, but as a school for cultivating personality, he considered
“human dignity” management through training talents as the spirit of foundation and
overcame various obstacles by keeping the principle of coexistence with employees.

Impossible is nothing – You did it!

Anam first launched semi-conductor and color TV production, the essence of electronic industry.
This can be accomplished by the result of the devotion “I can do it”, which is the sentence
that the honorary president emphasized.

When beginning the semi-conductor business In 1968 and color TV production in 1979,
all people considered it impossible, we drove the business with the firm conviction
“With the pioneering duty and faith, impossible is nothing” and successfully delivered the product.
The only word the client had said is “You did it”.